We’re building a better way to fundraise.

what we do

Tech for good.

Funder Inc. is a young and rapidly growing 'tech for good' company that builds and operates its own bespoke fundraising platform. The Funder platform powers a suite of fundraising products for non-profits and major brands, providing them with a new way to engage and activate their core audiences.

what we do

Building for impact.

At Funder Inc. we leverage the best toolkits available to solve some of fundraising biggest problems. We believe in a design first approach, placing our users and charitable beneficiaries at the centre of all our processes. At Funder Inc. we welcome new challenges and intend to develop high impact consumer products supported by the latest engineering tools.

What we're cooking up.

Funder Inc. is working to deliver high performing, modern products that reward the act of giving.

Growing Reach

Using digital strategies to reach new communities of supporters

Enhancing Transparency

Actively applying digital ledger technology to bring accountability back to fundraising

Changing Perceptions

Creating positive, enjoyable experiences for donors and supporters

Start shaping the way the world gives.

Based in East London, we are growing fast and are actively hiring for Full Time, Part Time and Internship opportunities.